A fun music app with built in songs that groove to your moves … in bed!


Awesome features

It’s simple, download the app, adjust for mattress firmness, select one of the music categories—dance, trance, funk, chill, roots or smooth jazz —choose your song, then place the phone somewhere on your mattress.

  • Music Updates

    Regular New Music releases, designed just how you like it!

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

    Connect it to external bluetooth speakers for great sound!

  • Responsive

    The music moves with you as you move with your partner

  • Adjustable Sensitivity

    From soft to hard beds we have you covered!

Simply Amazing

BEDBEATS is the world’s most advanced bedroom music app, using the incredible new capabilities in phones to maximize your together time.


We worked hard on the app you’ve always wanted! Now nothing can interrupt you when you’re in the mood!

Best App, ever

We don’t claim ‘world’s most advanced bedroom music app’ for nothing. BEDBEATS is stocked full of high-quality custom music that ebbs and flows as you move. Finally, a DJ for between the sheets.

  • Awesome design
  • Quick play
  • Bedroom ready
  • Great music
  • Bluetooth ready
  • There’s nothing worse than fooling around and getting pulled out because the tempo changes or the lyrics are distracting. Sex is better with BEDBEATS, my girlfriend and I get lost in the moment, in each other. The music adds to the sex, it doesn’t distract.

    Nicholas Thomas
  • I hate when music changes suddenly and pulls me out of the moment. Finally it follows what was happening between the sheets and enhances the mood without distracting!

    Women Everywhere!
  • BEDBEATS is a fun way to add playfulness into your sex life. My girlfriend and I have theme nights around the music. One time she dressed like a cowgirl and we played one of the roots songs. I highly recommend trying it!

    Billy Thompson

Get it now

BEDBEATS is available now! Download it today and kick start your evening!